Empower Romania


The hope and strength of the Empower Romania project, continues to grow! The areas of the Roma community in Lazerini that Empower Romania has sewed into continue to flourish and it is incredibly exciting to hear about! The men undergoing their apprenticeship programmes, are now 3 months into their apprenticeship and are not only growing in their carpentry skill, but also in their spirituality and discipleship.

This brings such joy to us here at M:E as we aim to show the practical love of Jesus Christ to those in need in Europe, but also wish to address and nurture spiritual issues and growth. We also have a heart and encourage leadership development, which is another element that Empower Romania is facilitating. As reported earlier on in the year, one of the men was taken on to embark on sewing school.

This man now is enjoying going to sewing school and is being trained to one day be able to lead the women’s sewing program himself. It is fantastic to hear of an emerging leader coming from the community of Lazerini. This man (Mugurel) is now overseeing five women that earn a small wage. We here at M:E are certainly giving all the glory and praise to God for these incredible reports. God certainly has continued to be faithful and provide for Lazerini. Long term plans and opportunities to sustain an income for the members of the community within Empower Romania are underway. There is also the possibility to take on even more people for Empower Romania to expand.

We thank God for all he has done and the work he continues to do in Romania through Mandy and her team.