About us

Mission Europe (M.E.) is a Christian charitable organisation dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the marginalised and disadvantaged in Moldova.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for bringing about transformation in individuals and communities in Moldova. Our work is accomplished in partnership with churches and networks of passionate people who invest time, resources and abilities.

The team is dedicated to see God at work in you and through you, reaching out with God’s love and compassion to positively impact many lives in Moldova.



The journey started in 2012 when Kevin Westfield pioneered Mission Europe after mobilising mission teams to advance Christ's cause in Europe with Next Level International.

Rose Foulds in 2014 after visiting Moldova on a short term mission (read more about Rose on her profile) worked with Mission Europe on an initiative called The Storehouse Project designed to reach out to the under-privileged with the practical love of God.

We have seen a steady increase in fruitfulness as the hearts of people in un-churched cities and towns of have received the gospel. God has opened a great door to do effective Kingdom building work, and Mission Europe (M:E) like many others of God's people are convinced that now is the time to see a great harvest in Moldova and beyond. M:E are under no illusions, this is a huge task, with millions of people yet to have the good news presented to them. We are very conscious of the fact that without the input and partnering of so many great people, local churches and businesses etc. we will never accomplish the Great Commission as it pertains to Europe.

We can all contribute enormously to the task, by bringing to the work the ministries, gifts and resources that Jesus has entrusted to our hands and hearts, and stand together as one. M:E hope and pray you will be able to join a great team who will work together to see His Kingdom come to Europe.


Why not take a mission step and consider seising your opportunity to be involved…