Kids & Youth

At the heart of all Mission Europe do, we want to see positive generational changes. To see this we need to make an impact from early years, through the teenager years and into young adulthood.

On our short-term mission projects there is plenty of opportunity to be involved with kids and youth from:

  • Running a kids camp
  • Working in orphanages
  • Building playgrounds
  • Sports days/events
  • Working with the Roma in pre-school
  • Visiting local schools helping in lessons, assemblies
  • Developing after school activities
  • Fun days

The list is endless, there are literally hundreds of ways you can be involved with Kids and Youth whilst on mission. An important component when you connect with these programs is to show love and compassion building and investing into their future, bringing hope to their journey into adulthood.

Can you find a way to join/lead a Kids & Youth mission trip? If not, can you donate to help someone else go?