Firewood: You gave me a warm place to sleep

Can you imagine no gas or electric during the winter, when it's below freezing (in some cases -20ºC or lower and some days with heavy snowstorms)?

We arrange small trucks full of firewood to deliver its load to the 'Make a House Warm' (MAHW) projects to help families stay warm and cook meals.

Could you help fill our storehouse to overflowing with this practical gift? Depending on the severity of the wea
ther during the winter months a family with one room needs 28 x 25kg bags (each bag costing £2.65) of firewood for three months = approx. £75. Those with more rooms need more! Most trucks can load up to five ton per load... x200 bags = £530

Any financial donations we receive for MAHW help families in the most needed situations.

Come on a MAHW mission trip and/or find out more...

Can you find a way to go on a mission trip to visit families with firewood? If not, can you find a way to give a financial donation to provide the firewood for the families?